Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sorry this is so late!...

Well hellos there, everyone!

How has everyone been this July? I have been doing great. I have been busy with the work here in the offices, but I love it!

A recent project I have been working is making maps for each area. Most already have them, but President Stapley wanted them to have bigger ones printed on one big sheet. So I have been using Google Maps to make them new ones. I put the borders, and make different sectors, so that they can be more organized in their work. Then I take them to get printed at a print shop. It is pretty fun. I get to use photoshop, and illustrator. (I´ll include a picture so you can see what I mean.)

We had interviews with the President last week, and it was the best interview I have had with him in the mission. He gave me a lot of good advice. Plus we had a good lesson from our Zone Leaders on goals and visions, and how to use goals to reach your vision. It was great.

Pictures: (sorry i'm posting them backwards)

Adrogue Mapa: An example of the maps I make.

Ordinary Chunk of ice: NOT!!! THIS FELL FROM THE SKY!!! One day it started hailing really bad.

Most of them were not quite this big, but this is the biggest hailstone I have ever seen!

That´s how I roll (bounce): It was actually quite comfortable.

Oh, only $20, ok: Some missionary left this when they went home, and I had to take

a picture with it. (Better performance in sports...)

Reunited wit Elder Allen: I get to see him pretty often now that he is a Zone Leader, and lives down in the Coast. That means whenever there is a leadership conference he has to

come stay at our pench

Enjoying the SBD´s: Like I said, everyone loved it. (Except we didn´t have very much cheese so it was mostly just french toast.

Stobbe Breakfast Delights: I decided it was about time to introduce Argentina to this food. Everyone loved it!

Elder Judd frying toast: this was Elder Judd´s birthday. (he is part of the other companionship that shares the Adrogue ward.) I offered to make SBD´s, but he ended up cooking most of it anyway.

Healthy AND Delicious: I know this probably looks like the greasiest, nastiest thing ever... and it pretty much was. But it tasted wonderful. (With homemade french fries)

Potato Face: Self explanatory.

4th of July Party: Elder Allen and his new companion Elder Taylor were staying at our pench on the 4th of July, so we had a little party. (Notice all the red, white, and blue we are wearing.)

I want everyone to know something. Even though I don´t write as often as I should, I think about you all the time. I get your emails, and drawings from the kids, and everything, and I love them!

I´m sorry you don´t get to hear from me though. Once I get back out in the field I will probably have more interesting stuff to write about anyway.

I love you, again!

--Elder Scoty Stobbe

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