Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I got your recordings. Thank you. It was great to hear some updates! I
always find myself wishing for more when you finish! That is probably how
you feel with my letters, so I am not asking you to make them longer. I
normally listen another time just for good measure. It was good to hear that
Jessie is going to church and is a little Sun Beam! How cute! I got the
picture of his new church clothes too, which were also very cute.

Happy 5th Anniversary, or something? I'm not sure how to congratulate you on
that. Way to still be here!? It is crazy to think it has been 5 years. Have
fun at your basketball game to celebrate!

I did see that you put money on my card for the bike repairs. I used cash I
already had to pay for that, and will use the money on the card at the
supermarket to save the cost of withdrawing from the ATM.

Say hi to all our basketball buddies and tell them I'll see them in 5

I haven't gotten anything from Grandpa Stobbe. I checked my Gmail account to
double check and there wasn't anything from him either.

I know you are probably planning on it anyway, but keep me up to date with
your basketball team and Shered's. I want to know how his superstars are
doing! : ) I am going play terrible when I get back, I'm sure. I'll have to
get into the rythm again. Oh, speaking of basketball, I have some bad news
that I never told you. While I was in the offices, I had a few things stolen
from me. We are pretty sure it was the cleaning guy (who was a member) but
we could never prove it. On several occasions food went missing when he was
the only one there. I believe he also took my backpack and basketball shoes.
I had my shoes in a cupboard for when we played on P-days, and one day after
not playing for more than a month, I went to put them on... and they were
not there. The same with the backpack I bought myself for Christmas last
year. Didn't use it for a while, went to look for it, wasn't there, etc. I
didn`t want to make a big deal about it because I can live without them
both, but... just so you know. In the end, because there was no proof, and
we didn't want to make a scene, President Stapley quietly let him go, and
hired a new cleaning crew (who cleaned better anyway). On two separate
occasions, the Assistants also lost my flash drives. Luckily, President
Stapley gave me one and I have one of Matt and Rob's that I am using til I
get home. I haven't really had too much of a need, since I can back up my
pictures for now on the computer. I will probably DropBox them all home
towards the end. I don't think I lost any pictures, but I am not postive

These past few weeks we have had an interesting experience with Paola, the
sister in our ward who is the Primary President. She sent us a text message
on New Year's Day (we can receive but not send them) saying that she wanted
us to call her about something very important ASAP. We called her and she
asked when we would be able to visit her, because she had a question about
something. I told her Tuesday night, because we were going down to Dolores
the next day. She ended the call by saying, "Ok, but I don't know if I'll
still be a member on tuesday night!" Knowing her, I knew she was
exaggerating, but that it was important. Over the next two days we tried to
think of what it could be that was such an issue. Finally, when we went to
visit her, she told us she wanted us to explain completely about Baptisms
for the Dead. She had gone to say hi to an aquaintance of hers who is kind
of like a preacher in another church. They hadn't seen eachother for a
while, and catching up, she told him she had joined the Church. He
immediately started spouting some anti-mormon garbage about worshiping
Joseph Smith and how baptizing deceased people was an abomination. Long
story short, he scared her! (She has been a member for about 7 months, and
hasn't taken any temple prep classes) He showed her a scripture that proved
it was not approved in the primitive church (ironically, the same
scripture/chapter we used to help her understand). It was in 1 Corinthians
15:29 "Else what shall they do which are baptized for the dead, if the dead
rise not at all? why are they then baptized for the dead?" Her "friend"
used this to try and prove that the dead do not rise, therfore we should not
be baptized for them. This, it seems, is a typical example of how people
take scriptures out of context to try and confuse us. He did not realize, or
maybe was ignoring the fact that this was used in a facetious manner. It is
interesting, because for me, reading the whole chapter, it is perfectly
clear what the meaning is. Paul used what to him and those who he was
preaching to was a given truth: that baptisms for the dead were in fact
performed and approved by the Church. That being the case, we realize that
he is making something clear to them. In the vernacular of today's youth: Do
you really think we would be baptizing people for the dead if they weren't
going to have the same chance at salvation and resurrection as us? If not,
why would we even bother? In the end, we were able to help Paola overcome
her concern and understand a little more. We left her with the assignment to
do her own studying, and more importantly, praying, to be at peace on this
subject. Interestingly, after we finished teaching, she told us something
that gives me hope for recent converts all over the world who face
situations like this. She told us that even though she was extremely
confused, and felt like she didn't know what to believe, she knew one thing:
She had a testimony that the Church is true. She knew that she would
eventually figure it out, but in that moment, the only thing that kept her
from simply never going back to church was her testimony. It reminded me of
a quote from my little book: "A testimony is something we keep up during the
good times, so that it can keep us up during the difficult times" (or
something like that)

I am grateful for all of the prayers and love that I receive each day. I can
truly feel them. It seems I have been here for a lifetime. It is a life I
love and it will definitely be bittersweet when it comes time to finish.

Mom, I will send pictures of my clothes next week.

Peace out.
Hello everyone,
This week we went and visited a lady name Rosa Alluson. She was baptized
almost 30 years ago, and hasn't been to church in about 25 years. For a long
time, she was forgotten and nobody visited her. Then, about a month ago, one
of the ward members saw her name somewhere, and thought to go see if she
still lived in the same place. It turned out that she does, and they asked
her if it would be all right for the Missionaries to visit her and re-teach
the lessons. She agreed, so we went over and met her last week. We had a short
but sweet visit. She remembers almost nothing about the church, except that
she felt good there. We have scheduled to visit her once a week to help her
learn all the important stuff she has been missing. She had an accident a
few years ago, and now cannot walk very well. She rarely if ever leaves her
house, and it seems that she feels like she would not be able to go to Church, even
if she wanted to. So we are going to work on that with her. Please keep her
in your prayers.

Other than that, this last week was filled with a lot of rejection, and very
few opportunities to teach. We talked to a lot of people, but it just seemed
like nobody was interested. I think one of the difficulities is that for the
most part, the people who live here in Chascomús have good comfortable
lives, and can't imagine that they need anything more. Please pray for us so
we can find some prepared people to teach.

I received a phone call on Monday from the mission secretary, Elder Miles,
asking me what airport I would be flying into when I go home. This is known
in the mission as the "Trunky Call" because it means he is organizing our
flight plans for going home, and therefore tends to make missionaries
trunky. I told him my parents were coming to pick me up, and he said in
that case, you guys need to call in to the Church Travel office (I believe I
sent you a letter with the information) and tell them when we want to fly
home, so that we will be on the same flight. I think we said we were going
to stay a week, right? So we would leave Monday, the 11th? So I think that
there is no more need to wait to call. Go ahead and do it!

Dad, thanks for all the work you are doing with Collins. Keep me updated
with whatever happens.

Mom, you're calling sounds like a lot of fun, but a lot of work. Kind of
like being a missionary!

I have not been able to watch that video because YouTube does not work here
in the Church where we write from. Maybe next week we'll go to a ciber so I
can watch it.

Am I fat... - Me posing on the dock. It is pretty cool, it goes out about
60-75 meters, then opens up into a big circle where you can sit and fish, or
do whatever.
Birds and Wind - there were a couple of birds trying to fly into the wind,
but they must not have realized they were't going anywhere because when we
left they were still trying to do it, after over 5 minutes.
District Chascomús - From Left to Right: (The Zone leaders aren't actually
in my district, they were just visiting)
Elder Benavides, Zone Leader, from Colombia
Elder Jarvis from Arizona

Elder Arpires from Catamarca, Argentina

Hermana Rios from Jujuy, Argentina

Hermana Price from Virginia

Elder Taylor, Zone Leader, from Arizona (you might remember him
from some pictures I sent from the 4th of July. He was Elder Allens
companion at that time.

Elder López from Pachuca Hidalgo, México

Elder Stobbe from Utah.

Laguna 01 - Here in Chascomus we have a lake, which they refer to as a
lagoon. The shoreline is 37km. This is me on the shore, on a very windy day.
Laguna 02 - A picture of the shoreline

Laguna 03 - The coastline taken from the end of the dock.
Laguna 04 - This was to show how black the water looked. It was about to
storm, and the water went from green to this in about 30 seconds.
Lone Bird - One of the hopeless birds.

López Goku - My companion getting ruffled by the wind.

Map of Chascomús - I am pointing roughly to where we live.
Weird Tree - López - For perspective

Weird Tree - Me - A funny tree we found on the shore of the laguna.

I love you all!
p.s. Let Shered and Shalet know I sent them emails.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!


I was wishing and hoping you would include that phrase of yours in your email, and I almost cried when I read it. I miss you so much. I miss our whole family. It's interesting when you think we can love so many people so much. All of my sisters, Shered, my brother-in-laws, nephews, nieces, cousings, grandparents, and my parents. I can think of why I love each and every one of them. Imagine how it must feel for Heavenly Father. He feels that way for EVERY PERSON WHO HAS EVER LIVED, OR WILL LIVE! I stand all amazed at the love he gives to all of us.

I have my own little family down here with my district. We are quite apart from the rest of the mission, and we have become really united. I feel a similar love for each of them. I try to do my best as their leader to be an example and show them my Savior's love. And in return, I know that my love is reciprocated. Today we are in Dolores for P-day, and are staying here tonight for District Meeting tomorrow. The whole day I have been thinking that for now this is a suitable substitute to being with my family for Christmas and New Years.

Just for fun, I will tell you a little about my district. There are two Sister missionaries. One is from Argentina, named Hermana Rios, and her companion, Hermana Price is from Virginia. They both make us all better! The other comanionship is Elder Arpires, who is also from Argentina, and Elder Jarvis who is from Meza, Arizona. Elder Jarvis just got here this transfer, but he already feels like part of the family! I will send a picture next week of all of us.

I made a short video and took pictures from New Years, but I left my camera back at the church, so I'll send them next week. I can't believe that is is 2012 already! I mean, the world is ending this year! Crazy!

New Years at home sounded fun. I missed the Russian tea cookies and Martinellis.

Yesterday we had a lesson with Maria, who we haven't talked to in a little while. Her grandson, Agustin, kind of cooled off and isn't too interested anymore. But she understands the importance of baptism, and all we have to do is help her get to church. She is very old, blind in one eye and can't see out of the other. (well, she can barely see out of it) We are going to do everything we can to help her get baptized.

Dad, I got the link for DropBox. I am not at my "home computer" so I am not going to download the stuff, but I checked the link and it is all good. Thank you, and feel better! Don't lie around all day, go bounce! My companion has had the flu this past week. Luckily it is passing and I didn't catch it.

Mom, did I understand right that Shered is using my email address ( So should I write to that one? It just seemed weird so I thought I'd double check.

With that $20 I bought fruit, milk, and chocolate mix, and made several smoothies. I also bought some other food necessities. As far as my clothes, nothing is really broken, but dingy...? a little. About half my socks are a weird brownish color from getting bleached one time, the faux leather covering on my belts is coming off in places and I have a few short sleeved shirts that are less than pristine white, but I have been fine with these. You can decide if you want them replaced.

I have been thoroughly enjoying those books I got for christmas, I used two stories and three quotes in my talk in church yesterday. It was about goals and the vision to accomplish them. Thank you for those!

I hate to ask, but my bike is in need of a few repairs (again!) It seems like the bikes always need something fixed here. It is something that could wait a few weeks maybe to be fixed, but it might get worse and be more expensive. The guy at the bike repair place said he could do it for about 100 pesos, which is a little less that $25 dollars, if that is possible. (Also I don't know if I mentioned this, but i get charged 17 pesos every time to take out money, roughly 4 dollars, just so you know.)

Dad, no pressure, and don't worry about it while you are sick, but didn't you say that we had to wait for the new year to do anything more about Collins College? I saw on the website that classes start on September 1st or October 15th, but the graduation date for those start times is the same. Could you ask about that? I don't know if it would be worth it spend a little more time at home before moving away for good? (For your's and mom's sake, of course...)

Also, I never got that application or any information about the Re-Fi for the Maxima. Let me know if I need to do anything with that.

I love everyone! Have a great week and a wonderful new year.

-Elder Scoty Stobbe

P.S. Food for thought: When you judge others, you do not define them. You define yourself.

Merry Christmas!

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. It doesn't seem too strange

that it is already over, since it barely seemed like it was celebrated here.

Time is flying. 2011 is almost over. We are approaching the time when we

reflect on the past year, on what we have accomplished and what we haven't.

What our goals were, and how close we got to reaching them. I would like to

share a small example from one of the books I received for Christmas:

There once was a farmer. He was proud of his work, and always had straight,

long rows of corn, wheat, and all manner of healthy crops.

When the farmer's son was old enough to learn the farm work, the farmer took

him out into the fields to teach him how to hoe, plant seeds, irrigate, and

other small chores. One day, the farmer decided his son was old enough to

learn ho to plow. He put him on a tractor and told him how to plow straight,

long furrows. The way to do this, he said, was to set your sight on

something on the opposite side of the field, and to steer straight toward

it, not veering to one side or the other.

The farmer then went off to other chores. When he came back to check his

son's work, he was dismayed to find the field full of crooked rows. He was

furious! He stormed over to the tractor to find out the reason for this


The son explained, "Well, Dad, I did just what you said. I sighted in on

something on the opposite side of the field, and headed straight for it. I

never veered to one side or the other."

"Then why are the rows going every which way?"

"Well, the darn cow kept moving!"

This illustration can help us understand the importance of our goals, and

the things we strive for in life. If we choose to sight in on the things of

the world, we will end up like the farmer's son, going every which way in

our lives. But if we set our sights on heaven and God who is the same

yesterday, today, and forever, we will be lead straight and true. I invite

all who read this to consider this message as they look forward to the

coming year. Let us learn from, and not dwell on our mistakes during the

past twelve months, and set our sights on the blessings of our Heavenly

Father, including the temple, scripture study, and our families. I have

learned in my mission the difference righteous goals can make in our lives.

They give us direction and purpose.

I love everyone, and am so grateful for the opportunity I had to see and

talk to all of you yesterday. This was the first time I did not feel

homesick after talking to my family. Perhaps it is because I know that it

won't be too long till I will see you all again.

Mom, I will use the money wisely and eat lots of fruits and veggies. And I

will *cough* start taking my vitamins again.

The first picture is from our End of Year dinner. Ludmila and I traded

clothes for a bit. I'm not even sure what that thing I have is called. A shawl, maybe?

The other picture is right after I finished talking to everyone on the phone

yesterday. *Notice my new pink tie and tie pin! Thank you for those, and for

all of my Christmas gifts, especially the love I felt from everyone.


Elder Scoty Stobbe

There is not too much to write about this week. I will share a few tidbits

and answer a few questions. I will go ahead and call at 4:30 my time. I am

going to try and use skype. Not with video, but just for voice. That way, I

don`t have to buy a calling card. We are working on getting a microphone

this week, but if I can`t, I will buy the phone card. So be ready with your

computer and Shalet`s account, and your phone just in case. Maybe you can

make a list of questions or things you want to hear before hand. Things that

are harder to share in emails.

Roberto had an interview with President Stapley on Friday, and got baptized

on Saturday. I was so happy to hear that everything turned out ok.

I play basketball about once a month. It's a shame. I am out of shape. My

companion and I are going to start running one of these days...

This week we had our "End of Year Dinner". It was a good opportunity to get

a lot of less-active members to come to the Chapel, even if it wasn't

Sunday. And 2 of them came to church on Sunday as well!

On Sundays we have a class called Gospel Principles, where we teach from the

book of the same name. It is specifically for investigators and recent

converts. Yesterday I taught the lesson about the Final Judgment. One part

of it really struck me. We are preparing for the Final Judgment that comes

right after the Resurrection, but we have many judgments during our life to

keep us on the right path. These are interviews with Bishops, Stake

Presidents, Quorum leaders, Parents, etc. If we use these wisely, and do not

try to fool our Leader, Heavenly Father, or ourselves by answering the

questions untruthfully, these can be a very effective tool in making sure we

can stand confidently at the final judgment. I had never thought about it

this way before, and it was a great insight for me.

Aubry got engaged? Have you met her Fiancée? I am so happy for her!

This week was transfer week, and Elder López and I are staying together. It

is almost guaranteed he will go the next one, because he has been here since

he started his mission in July!

Yesterday we watched a re-broadcast of the First Presidency Christmas

Devotional. It was quite good. If you have not watched it yet, I would

suggest that you do. It is on the Church website.

This week we are going to try and share the true meaning of Christmas with

our investigators and members. It is so important to remember why we are

celebrating. I believe that having food, and presents, and family during

Christmas is also important. It is something that we enjoy and makes us

happy. That, combined with remembering Jesus Christ will surely make this

the happiest time of the year.

I love you, and we'll be talking on Christmas!

Chau! (a.k.a. Ciao.)


Time is short this week, so this will be too. I hope everyone is ok, cuz I

only had an email from Matt.

We have been working a lot with two girls named Magalí and Ludmila.

They are cousins who both come from less-active families. There parents are

all part of the 15 families program in our branch, so we have been working

with them. The two girls are 9 and 10 years old, and are both getting ready

to be baptized. We have been visiting them almost every day, teaching and

reviewing the principles of the Gospel.

It is amazing sometimes how clearly younger people understand the

Restoration and the Gospel and the Plan of Salvation. With these two, I

almost feel like they know more than I do. And for them, it's not

complicated. Of course Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ visited Joseph

Smith. Why would anyone doubt that, and how else would he have been able to

restore the Church. That is how they think, and it is very refreshing,

especially when we have other investigators who only want to talk about the

end of the world, and whether or not the wicked will all be killed or burned

or whatever. These two girls just want to follow Christ and be good. When we

asked Ludmila why she wanted to be baptized, her answer was simple: "I

believe in God". For her, that was all the reason she needed. She believes

in Him, loves Him, and wants to do what he says.

Other than that, we have been doing a bunch of clapping houses, and visiting

members to try and get them excited about the work. I feel that our branch

is slowly, slowly growing. This last Sunday we had 52 people in sacrament

meeting! We normally average about 35-40.

Speaking of Sunday, we had a Primary Presentation. It reminded me so much of

home! There was the classic kid who couldn´t keep still was running all over

the place, another who gave his line so close the microphone that it sounded

like he was screaming. And, the indispensable kid who started screaming and

crying when it was his turn, so his teacher had to give his line. It was

crazy, and I loved it. Little kids are awesome! I wish I could go back to


President Stapley also visited our branch this Sunday and spoke after the

program. I spoke about Charity and how children don't question, they just

love. That's how Christ was, and how we should be. If you could just love

everyone, in spite of who they are or how they act, we would all be a lot

better off. I have learned more about how to love on my mission, and see

people as children of God. I have met so many people and made so many

friends that it makes me sad, because I won't be able to stay in contact

with them. There are just too many, and some I have already lost contact


I am happy, and working hard. I want everyone to know that I love them, and

miss them. But I am where I should be. Have a wonderful week!


Elder Scoty Stobbe

This week we did a lot of traveling! We had a zone conference on Wednesday, and then I had to go into Capital yesterday to work on getting my Argentine documents. (a little late, right?) On Friday, I am going down to Dolores to do some baptismal interviews, next Monday I am going to Capital again, and next Thursday we have another training meeting with President Stapley in Adrogué. Somewhere in there, we will also have our baptisms, and the other missionaries in our district will have 3 between them.

We ended up having to move the baptisms of Ludmila and Magalí, because Magalí needed to go to church one more time. We are going to have the service this Saturday at 6:00. Everything is going great with them and they are both excited to get baptized!

In our zone conference we had the awesome experience of being taught by a general authority. Elder Aidukaitis is in the presidency of the South

America South area, and came for a mission tour. He is a powerful teacher. He showed us how to overcome doubts, help them understand how the Spirit works, how to plan way more efficiently, and how to meet our goals. I was lucky enough to get it recorded on my recorder. We have been busy applying his teachings in our area these last few days.

We have been working a lot with Magalí and Ludmila, but are hoping to get to visit more of our other investigators this week. There wasn't much else that interesting this week, sorry.

I got a package from Rob the other day with a letter and some visual aides.


Shalet, when do you get out of school for Christmas? School is about to get out for Summer Vacation here. Weird huh? It doesn`t seem like Christmas time or anything close here. And it is HOT! Every night we have to decide whether the heat or the mosquito’s bug us more, because we have to open the window for a breeze.

Dad, what is the latest with Collin's College? Do we need to anything right

now? Also, I remember you mentioning something about a computer in one of your recordings or emails. Obviously, I would love to get a MacBook Pro that I can use all through college and beyond. It would be nice to have it fairly soon after getting home, to have a personal computer as well as use it for school. I don't know if that can be included in whatever we are going to do so I can pay for school. Could you look into that? Let me know if you need anything from me to get Collin's squared away. Thanks for all your work!

The Christmas party looked really nice! I'm sure everyone loved it! We are

having our Christmas activity next Friday, although it will be a much

more simple affair. In fact, it's technically not even a Christmas activity, but

an end-of-year activity. Should be fun, either way.

Thanks for all the support and information you send each week. It's nice to be kept up with what is going to back home.

Until next time...