Monday, January 2, 2012

There is not too much to write about this week. I will share a few tidbits

and answer a few questions. I will go ahead and call at 4:30 my time. I am

going to try and use skype. Not with video, but just for voice. That way, I

don`t have to buy a calling card. We are working on getting a microphone

this week, but if I can`t, I will buy the phone card. So be ready with your

computer and Shalet`s account, and your phone just in case. Maybe you can

make a list of questions or things you want to hear before hand. Things that

are harder to share in emails.

Roberto had an interview with President Stapley on Friday, and got baptized

on Saturday. I was so happy to hear that everything turned out ok.

I play basketball about once a month. It's a shame. I am out of shape. My

companion and I are going to start running one of these days...

This week we had our "End of Year Dinner". It was a good opportunity to get

a lot of less-active members to come to the Chapel, even if it wasn't

Sunday. And 2 of them came to church on Sunday as well!

On Sundays we have a class called Gospel Principles, where we teach from the

book of the same name. It is specifically for investigators and recent

converts. Yesterday I taught the lesson about the Final Judgment. One part

of it really struck me. We are preparing for the Final Judgment that comes

right after the Resurrection, but we have many judgments during our life to

keep us on the right path. These are interviews with Bishops, Stake

Presidents, Quorum leaders, Parents, etc. If we use these wisely, and do not

try to fool our Leader, Heavenly Father, or ourselves by answering the

questions untruthfully, these can be a very effective tool in making sure we

can stand confidently at the final judgment. I had never thought about it

this way before, and it was a great insight for me.

Aubry got engaged? Have you met her Fiancée? I am so happy for her!

This week was transfer week, and Elder López and I are staying together. It

is almost guaranteed he will go the next one, because he has been here since

he started his mission in July!

Yesterday we watched a re-broadcast of the First Presidency Christmas

Devotional. It was quite good. If you have not watched it yet, I would

suggest that you do. It is on the Church website.

This week we are going to try and share the true meaning of Christmas with

our investigators and members. It is so important to remember why we are

celebrating. I believe that having food, and presents, and family during

Christmas is also important. It is something that we enjoy and makes us

happy. That, combined with remembering Jesus Christ will surely make this

the happiest time of the year.

I love you, and we'll be talking on Christmas!

Chau! (a.k.a. Ciao.)

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