Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hello everyone,
This week we went and visited a lady name Rosa Alluson. She was baptized
almost 30 years ago, and hasn't been to church in about 25 years. For a long
time, she was forgotten and nobody visited her. Then, about a month ago, one
of the ward members saw her name somewhere, and thought to go see if she
still lived in the same place. It turned out that she does, and they asked
her if it would be all right for the Missionaries to visit her and re-teach
the lessons. She agreed, so we went over and met her last week. We had a short
but sweet visit. She remembers almost nothing about the church, except that
she felt good there. We have scheduled to visit her once a week to help her
learn all the important stuff she has been missing. She had an accident a
few years ago, and now cannot walk very well. She rarely if ever leaves her
house, and it seems that she feels like she would not be able to go to Church, even
if she wanted to. So we are going to work on that with her. Please keep her
in your prayers.

Other than that, this last week was filled with a lot of rejection, and very
few opportunities to teach. We talked to a lot of people, but it just seemed
like nobody was interested. I think one of the difficulities is that for the
most part, the people who live here in Chascomús have good comfortable
lives, and can't imagine that they need anything more. Please pray for us so
we can find some prepared people to teach.

I received a phone call on Monday from the mission secretary, Elder Miles,
asking me what airport I would be flying into when I go home. This is known
in the mission as the "Trunky Call" because it means he is organizing our
flight plans for going home, and therefore tends to make missionaries
trunky. I told him my parents were coming to pick me up, and he said in
that case, you guys need to call in to the Church Travel office (I believe I
sent you a letter with the information) and tell them when we want to fly
home, so that we will be on the same flight. I think we said we were going
to stay a week, right? So we would leave Monday, the 11th? So I think that
there is no more need to wait to call. Go ahead and do it!

Dad, thanks for all the work you are doing with Collins. Keep me updated
with whatever happens.

Mom, you're calling sounds like a lot of fun, but a lot of work. Kind of
like being a missionary!

I have not been able to watch that video because YouTube does not work here
in the Church where we write from. Maybe next week we'll go to a ciber so I
can watch it.

Am I fat... - Me posing on the dock. It is pretty cool, it goes out about
60-75 meters, then opens up into a big circle where you can sit and fish, or
do whatever.
Birds and Wind - there were a couple of birds trying to fly into the wind,
but they must not have realized they were't going anywhere because when we
left they were still trying to do it, after over 5 minutes.
District Chascomús - From Left to Right: (The Zone leaders aren't actually
in my district, they were just visiting)
Elder Benavides, Zone Leader, from Colombia
Elder Jarvis from Arizona

Elder Arpires from Catamarca, Argentina

Hermana Rios from Jujuy, Argentina

Hermana Price from Virginia

Elder Taylor, Zone Leader, from Arizona (you might remember him
from some pictures I sent from the 4th of July. He was Elder Allens
companion at that time.

Elder López from Pachuca Hidalgo, México

Elder Stobbe from Utah.

Laguna 01 - Here in Chascomus we have a lake, which they refer to as a
lagoon. The shoreline is 37km. This is me on the shore, on a very windy day.
Laguna 02 - A picture of the shoreline

Laguna 03 - The coastline taken from the end of the dock.
Laguna 04 - This was to show how black the water looked. It was about to
storm, and the water went from green to this in about 30 seconds.
Lone Bird - One of the hopeless birds.

López Goku - My companion getting ruffled by the wind.

Map of Chascomús - I am pointing roughly to where we live.
Weird Tree - López - For perspective

Weird Tree - Me - A funny tree we found on the shore of the laguna.

I love you all!
p.s. Let Shered and Shalet know I sent them emails.

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