Monday, January 2, 2012

This week we did a lot of traveling! We had a zone conference on Wednesday, and then I had to go into Capital yesterday to work on getting my Argentine documents. (a little late, right?) On Friday, I am going down to Dolores to do some baptismal interviews, next Monday I am going to Capital again, and next Thursday we have another training meeting with President Stapley in Adrogué. Somewhere in there, we will also have our baptisms, and the other missionaries in our district will have 3 between them.

We ended up having to move the baptisms of Ludmila and Magalí, because Magalí needed to go to church one more time. We are going to have the service this Saturday at 6:00. Everything is going great with them and they are both excited to get baptized!

In our zone conference we had the awesome experience of being taught by a general authority. Elder Aidukaitis is in the presidency of the South

America South area, and came for a mission tour. He is a powerful teacher. He showed us how to overcome doubts, help them understand how the Spirit works, how to plan way more efficiently, and how to meet our goals. I was lucky enough to get it recorded on my recorder. We have been busy applying his teachings in our area these last few days.

We have been working a lot with Magalí and Ludmila, but are hoping to get to visit more of our other investigators this week. There wasn't much else that interesting this week, sorry.

I got a package from Rob the other day with a letter and some visual aides.


Shalet, when do you get out of school for Christmas? School is about to get out for Summer Vacation here. Weird huh? It doesn`t seem like Christmas time or anything close here. And it is HOT! Every night we have to decide whether the heat or the mosquito’s bug us more, because we have to open the window for a breeze.

Dad, what is the latest with Collin's College? Do we need to anything right

now? Also, I remember you mentioning something about a computer in one of your recordings or emails. Obviously, I would love to get a MacBook Pro that I can use all through college and beyond. It would be nice to have it fairly soon after getting home, to have a personal computer as well as use it for school. I don't know if that can be included in whatever we are going to do so I can pay for school. Could you look into that? Let me know if you need anything from me to get Collin's squared away. Thanks for all your work!

The Christmas party looked really nice! I'm sure everyone loved it! We are

having our Christmas activity next Friday, although it will be a much

more simple affair. In fact, it's technically not even a Christmas activity, but

an end-of-year activity. Should be fun, either way.

Thanks for all the support and information you send each week. It's nice to be kept up with what is going to back home.

Until next time...

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