Monday, January 2, 2012


Time is short this week, so this will be too. I hope everyone is ok, cuz I

only had an email from Matt.

We have been working a lot with two girls named MagalĂ­ and Ludmila.

They are cousins who both come from less-active families. There parents are

all part of the 15 families program in our branch, so we have been working

with them. The two girls are 9 and 10 years old, and are both getting ready

to be baptized. We have been visiting them almost every day, teaching and

reviewing the principles of the Gospel.

It is amazing sometimes how clearly younger people understand the

Restoration and the Gospel and the Plan of Salvation. With these two, I

almost feel like they know more than I do. And for them, it's not

complicated. Of course Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ visited Joseph

Smith. Why would anyone doubt that, and how else would he have been able to

restore the Church. That is how they think, and it is very refreshing,

especially when we have other investigators who only want to talk about the

end of the world, and whether or not the wicked will all be killed or burned

or whatever. These two girls just want to follow Christ and be good. When we

asked Ludmila why she wanted to be baptized, her answer was simple: "I

believe in God". For her, that was all the reason she needed. She believes

in Him, loves Him, and wants to do what he says.

Other than that, we have been doing a bunch of clapping houses, and visiting

members to try and get them excited about the work. I feel that our branch

is slowly, slowly growing. This last Sunday we had 52 people in sacrament

meeting! We normally average about 35-40.

Speaking of Sunday, we had a Primary Presentation. It reminded me so much of

home! There was the classic kid who couldn´t keep still was running all over

the place, another who gave his line so close the microphone that it sounded

like he was screaming. And, the indispensable kid who started screaming and

crying when it was his turn, so his teacher had to give his line. It was

crazy, and I loved it. Little kids are awesome! I wish I could go back to


President Stapley also visited our branch this Sunday and spoke after the

program. I spoke about Charity and how children don't question, they just

love. That's how Christ was, and how we should be. If you could just love

everyone, in spite of who they are or how they act, we would all be a lot

better off. I have learned more about how to love on my mission, and see

people as children of God. I have met so many people and made so many

friends that it makes me sad, because I won't be able to stay in contact

with them. There are just too many, and some I have already lost contact


I am happy, and working hard. I want everyone to know that I love them, and

miss them. But I am where I should be. Have a wonderful week!


Elder Scoty Stobbe

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