Monday, October 3, 2011

*this letter is a few weeks old but it got mixed up and we didn't realize it hadn't been posted...


Well, this week was a little break in the routine. It has been really fun,

but I haven´t gotten as much work done as I would have liked.

On Monday, we had a zone activity. About two transfers ago, we were

instructed by the Area Presidency that when district meetings are held, we

should not meet with the whole zone. (Before the whole zone went to the same

church and met together for "opening exercises" before separating into

districts.) It was nice because we were able to see other missionaries in

our zone on a regular basis. Now that they are separated, we only see the

other missionaries in our zone twice a transfer. Once for a zone activity,

and once for Zone Conferences/Interviews. Two weeks ago, our Zone Leaders

challenged the zone to take out 20 new baptismal dates in the next two

weeks. If we reached the goal, we could have a Zone Activity. (Another new

rule is that to have an activity with the whole zone, the Mission President

has to be there, so it is a semi-special occasion.) Well, we reached 22 new

baptismal dates in that time period. Unfortunately, Elder Meza and I weren't

able to take out any. We have very few investigators, and the one were

planning on challenging to be baptized (Gustavo) kinda disappeared recently.

And so it was that on Monday our whole zone came to the church where the

offices are, and we played soccer, basketball, football and had an asado

(like a barbecue). I got to see a lot of my friends and got to actually see

and meet my whole zone. I hadn't played basketball in a few months, so that

was really fun! After, I felt better physically than I have in a while. I

think it was the endorphins from exercising a little. All in all, it was a

fun day.

The next day was the day that Dan Woolley went home. He was here for about 2

months. To thank him for all of his work that he did here, we went out to

dinner. It was President and Hermana Stapley, Elder and Hermana Jones, the

Assistants, Dan, and us. We went to a place called La Quintana. It is pretty

nice compared to most places in Argentina. So we ate and talked and had a

good time. It was a great experience to be surrounded by so many great minds

(President, E. Jones, Dan) they are all very smart well educated. Also, the

FIBA America was on, so I got to see a few snippets of that as well. As far

as I can tell, Argentina has been doing pretty well.

Yesterday, we went down to the coast to do inspections of the penches. We

had to leave here at 4:30 in the morning, and got back about 7:00 at night.

It was a lot of driving, but it is always fun to visit the coast. We went to

the beach like last time, and I at least touched the water. It was really

cold! The last time we went the water was nice, but we are just on the tail

end of winter here so it makes sense. It was a warm day yesterday and

everything is a lot nicer down in the coast. It felt like a cross between

Oregon and St. George. We visited E. Allen and his zone right after their

district meeting (they are the only zone that meets all together), went to

eat at McDonald´s, and practices Spanish with E. Jones. It was an enjoyable


We found out when we got back that the Assistants' truck had gotten robbed.

Someone broke the passenger side window, stole the GPS, and slit one of the

tires. They had had to leave the truck out on the street instead of bringing

in to the parking lot because the power was out and they couldn't open the

electric gate to get in. So when they went to leave yesterday they found it

like that. The tire didn't actually go flat until later in the night, when

they were back here, and we all went to leave and realized the truck look

really tilted, and E. Meza saw the flat tire. They didn't have the key to

get at the spare tire, so they came and stayed with us last night. It was a

difficult day for them to say the least.

Dad, I did get the audio files, and they worked great! I am working on a

recording to send back. I loved hearing all the cool stuff! And I would love

to receive more. It is easy to get them and listen to them.

How are things going with Mawhinney? How are things economically in general?

Are you planning another move soon? It seems like it has been way to long

without our family moving! haha.

Mom, for my birthday I would like you to use all of your motherly skills and

make it how you think best. I don't know if you already sent the package? uh

oh. I can give a few suggestions if not: Obviously, I love chocolate.

Hershey´s kisses don´t hold up to well during the trip, so we'll avoid

those. Red Vines, Werthers, Life Savers (Wint-O-Mint), Bit-O-Honey, Tootsie

Rolls (I am good on gum! see the picture). Anything else you want to send!

Pictures and notes/letters would be better than all the candy combined. If

you can find those scripture markers, or something similar, could you send

me some?

Let me know if there is something I forgot to answer or mention, or that you

want to know.

I love you!

Elder Meza and I
Scripture Markers

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