Monday, August 9, 2010

I Am In Argentina

Its been a while, but hello everyone! I have been in Argentina for almost a week now. Life is quite different, but I have started to get used to it. I absolutely love it here. The people are amazing, especially the members. We have had lunch with a few, and visited a recent convert family twice, and every time I leave there house, I am filled with love for them.

I am in an area called Platanos. We work kind of in two cities called Platanos and Ranelagh. I will send our address later. I don´t have the exact one with me, nor my companion. We are stopping by the offices later today and I´ll send a quick one. (please edit this as you think best for the blog)

One thing to know is that we don´t speak Spanish here. We speak Castellano. (Pronounced Casteshano).

My companion is Elder Pepito from St. George. He turned 27 yesterday. He is a convert of 4 years, and decided to come on a mission right at the ´´26´´ age deadline. He is great and has really helped me since I got here. His Castellano is awesome, and he has helped me inprove mine a lot.

The place where we live is called a Pension or ´´Pench´´. Our pench is not bad. We have running hot water, comfortable beds, a kitchen, and plenty of space. It is old, and cheap, but there are a lot worse house on the same block. We visited a member whose entire house was a sqare brick room of about 14´x12´, with no running water.

Yesterday for Elder Pepito´s birthday, we had lunch with the Bishop´s family, empanadas and spaghetti, and a really good grapefruit soda. and cake. We also had dinner with the recent convert family. The papá of the family made us pizza, and we had coke to drink. They also made us a cake. The mamá knows some English, so to practice, I was speaking to her in Castellano, and her to me in English. It was confusing, but fun.

This is short again, sorry. I am going to record all about my trip and how things are going and send that soon, so maybe that will be better. It´s hard to think of all the things I want to tell you guys about when I sit down at the computer.

I love you all, and I think about you every day.

Hopefully soon, there will will be pictures with posts.

I want you all to know that I know that this is the most important thing I can be doing right now, an I am so grateful for all of your support.

One more thing, we have 5 investigators right now, name Manuel, Margarita, Flavia, Leonardo, and Celena. They are actually 3 groups, but 5 total people. More will be on them next time.

I am trying to attach some pictures to send. I don´t have time to describe them, other than they are pictures of my trip, and my pench. I will try to take more.

As far as my situation with emailing and computers, we get an hour every p-day, and they are fully functional computers. I can send files, manipulate them (sort of) and I think send them through email.

It costs roughly 2 pesos per hour to used the computers. (Thats about 50 cents)

I am going to take your suggestion and record all about my trip and what I´ve done so far on my recorder. Then, I will send that file, probably along with some others. Feel free at any time to send the correct type of file, becuase I can easily stick them on my recorder to listen.

As far as mail, just use email, and DearElder. We live in a place with pretty much no mail system. Just stick to those. It may be a tiny bit slower, but oh well.

As far as packages, FedEx is going to be the most reliable, but more expensive I think. You can also use the USPS. My companion said he has seen both be used. If you need to anything with customs, always just say it contains ´´Missionary Supplies´´ regardless of what is in it. And the first time, don´t put anything perishible, and put a slip of paper with the date you send it inside so we can time it. Everything should be sent to the mission office, which is the one you already have with ´´Quintana 447´´ Then, I can get it whenever I can.

Ok, I am having trouble sending pictures, but I will try again next week. For now, you just get this email.
Elder Scot Daniel Stobbe Jr
Argentina Buenos Aires South Mission

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