Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekly Rundown...or Something

Hello Family, friends, and... nope. Everyone is either my family or my friend. So hello, all of you.

A couple of answers:

I can print emails.

My physical address is:

Avenida 368A y 368B No. 1857

Plátanos, Buenos Aires


Please still send mail to the mission office.

It is kind of like a four-plex. There are four little ´´departementos´´ side by side in one house type thing. If you are looking at the house, we are the second from the right. We have front area with the kitchen and study area. There is a little loft above where we keep our suitcases, ´´Book of Mormons´´ (Which is correct because it is a title), and pamphlets. Then we have a little hallway back to our bedroom with our little bathroom in between.

Yesterday we had stake conference. They don´t have the best microphones or speakers in the chapels here, and I still struggle to understand most native speakers, so I didn´t catch much of what was being said. But, they had a choir, and they were Awesome! That was the first time I have heard hymns by a practiced group of Argentines, and they were great! And it is easier to understand hymns, because I already know the words in English. So that was fun. To get to the Stake Center, the ward hired this old bus to pick up members, and we all rode together. And the same on the way back. I love all the members here. We have lunch with the same families every week, and they are always teaching me and helping me, and are just amazing people. One of the recent convert families we visit is especially cool. They are the Familia Arocha. They were baptized in March or April, and the missionaries visit them once or twice a week, for retention. We discuss a Gospel Principle with them, and they usually have food for us. The mom and dad are in their 30´s and they have to sons, Santini, and Ticiano who are 11 and 6. Ticiano is about a month and a half younger than Hunter. They all have the most wonderful spirit about them, and absolutely love us. Probably one of the reasons I love the members so much is that they treat the Missionaries almost like Royalty. It´s a little funny sometimes, but they all are just good people, and want to be nice to us.

We have an outdoor basketball/soccer court at the church, and I have been trying to figure out how to get to play, because we don´t have a basketball. So yesterday, I saw 3 boys in the street with a basketball. We stopped and talked to them, and found out they love basketball, but don´t have a court to play on. They just play in the street dribbling and practicing and stuff. And they don´t like soccer at all. Imagine that, 3 Argentine teenagers who love basketball and not soccer. To say the least, I was excited. So I made them a deal. We are going to play basketball next P-day. They supply the ball, and I will supply the court. And right before or after, we are going to have a lesson. We told about how we are missionaries and they seemed interested. I am excited for how that will turn out!

I did my first exchange this past week. I went to Quilmes, which is a few miles north of us, and our District Leader came here. There area is quite different from ours. It is much more city, with almost every road paved, whereas in Plátanos, only about half or less are paved. And the homes are a lot nicer too. It was interesting to experience the different area. I think we will do exchanges about 3 a transfer, but I´m not sure. While on exchange, we ate lunch with a member who has his own Pizzeria. He made us fresh, homemade pizza. It. Was. Amazing. We had probably 4 or 5 pizzas. (They aren´t quite as big as American pizzas).

We have been teaching a family, and having one of the young men in the ward, Nelson, come with us. (The last time he was sleeping when we went to get him, but he loves missionary work so he woke up and came) Every time, there is a point in the lesson where he shares his testimony about a certain commandment or Gospel principle, and I am amazed every time. He is a smart, very spiritual person. I love when we get to teach with him. While we are walking to the appointment, he always shares things he has learned in Seminary or Sunday School, and we get taught a little bit every time.

Today we are going to WalMart to grab a few supplies. Apparently they have peanut butter there, so I might get some. I bought a mixture for Flan the other night, and I am going to try to make that tonight. I love all the food here.

You can send me pictures if you want (hint, hint) through email. I can get them on my flash drive or camera from there. I love when I get them!

I am loving being a missionary. We get to meet and teach new people every day, and I am learning so much about the Gospel and the Scriptures. There is so much good stuff in them, no wonder we are supposed to study from them every day of our lives. I have been reading Jesus the Christ too. That book is so interesting. It gives a detailed insight into the Saviors life that I had never heard or know before. It shows the significance of His teachings and miracles, and most of all, His Atonement.

I want you all to know that I love you and think about you (not too much though)

I am so grateful for all the support and love I receive from you.

Until next week...

--- Elder Scot Daniel Stobbe Jr

Argentina Buenos Aires South Mission

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