Monday, February 28, 2011

New Assignment

Hey, Everyone.

First off, CONGRATULATIONS, SUMMER AND WILL!!! (And Hunter and Ethan) Kate looks so cute! Her cheeks are HUGE! haha. I love you guys, and her already!

I don´t have time to write very much at all today.

I received a new assignment which moves my P-Day to Wednesday, and sometimes I might not even have one.

I have been assigned to work in the offices of the mission as the Registrador (Registrar). It basically means that I will be in charge of all forms, statistics, materials, orders, mail, and things like that for the mission. I am very excited for this opportunity, even though it means less time proselyting. That is always the catch with working in the offices. But luckily, my new companion(s) both want to break the normal ´´being-in-the-offices-means-you-don´t-baptize´´ stereotype.

I am currently in a trio. I am with Elder Pratley from Boise, Idaho, and Elder Hermosilla from Chile. E. Hermosilla is my first Latin-American companion that I have had in the mission. Elder Pratley will be here long enough to train me in the systems and procedures, and then he will most likely be transferred out, and E. Hermosilla and I will be together. I know E. Pratley from my first transfer here, and I met E. Hermosilla today. They are both great, and I am looking forward to these next few weeks/months.

I am serving in the area of Adrogué B, in the city of Adrogué. The address you have to send me letters is the physical address of the mission offices. It is a church building with the offices upstairs. I have´t seen my pension yet, but I have heard it is one of the nicest in the mission. With air conditioning in the bedroom and the kitchen. In my last pension, we had one fan, and there wasn´t even a difference between the bedroom and kitchen. It was all one! haha.

So, hopefully on Wednesday I will be able to send out a longer email, with answers to questions and stuff like that.

Love you all.


Elder Scot Daniel Stobbe Jr

Argentina Buenos Aires South Mission

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