Tuesday, March 8, 2011

We had to come in a bit early today to accompany some Zone Leaders who are

here for a training, so I have a smidgen of free time.

So yes, I think I was assigned here because of my knowledge of computers.

I´m not entirely sure. But so far it´s all learning processes and new ways

of doing things. So it´s still a learning curve.

So far I have done some expected office-type things. I enter in the

baptismal forms for the records of the church, gather weekly numbers from

the Zone Leaders, keep track of people that were baptized and confirmed,

baptized without being confirmed, etc. All for the records of the church and

the mission so we know where we are at in the work, number-wise.

Yesterday we got to take a ride in the truck that is for the use of the

Assistants to the President and the elders who are working in the offices.

It is a stick shift, so I will have to remember what Will taught me for

that! We went to some of the Stake Centers to deliver supplies. Copies of the

Book of Mormon, pamphlets, new member packets, things like that. It was

interesting to travel the mission by car, instead of by train or bus. We

could go wherever! haha. Normally you just go from your area, to district

meeting, and back. So I am getting to ´´know´´ the mission a little more.

On Wednesday night, I was able to sort of ´´fulfill´´ by purpose. The

Assistants to the President were trying to get a video from online for the

training yesterday and today. It´s a clip from ´´Facing the Giants´´. They

couldn´t get it and were having problems, so I stepped in and offered my

help. I was able to get it for them, and it made me feel a little more

useful. The first few days have been full of more learning, and less doing.

I am excited to be here, and grateful for this opportunity to use my


Dad, congratulations on the success of CleanSlate. Prayers are being


Shalet, I hope everything is going good in school! Keep up those grades.

Don´t follow my example.

Shered, I heard you are tearing it up in Ward Basketball. Did that already

finish, or what? Keep it up, and don´t forget what we talked about on


Kate, Hello! I love you. (Somebody squish those huge cheeks for me. Sierra´s

pretty good at that, if I remember the pain in my own cheeks correctly!)

Matthew, Welcome Home, brother! I can´t believe you already finished. And

only a few more weeks until Robert comes! Wow. Stay strong, do good, and

remember who you became in the mission.

Gene, thank you. I hope I can do my best here in this assignment. I´m glad

to know I have your love and support.

Everyone else, I love you. I think about you all, all the time, even if I

don´t address you by name. Know you are in my thoughts.

Have a wonderful day, and remember, It is easier to prepare and prevent,

then to repair and repent.


Elder Scot Daniel Stobbe Jr

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