Thursday, March 29, 2012


Hello everyone!

First off, I uploaded some pictures to DropBox, with descriptions. I hope you enjoy them.

Mom, I hope you are doing better. I did not like to hear about you being sick, but I am grateful you had Dad to take care of you.

This week we had a two days of meetings. Because we are far away, we "had" to go stay with some other missionaries for a few days. We left Wednesday afternoon, and got back Saturday morning. Then we had Stake Conference on Sunday, and had to travel again. That, plus we were travelling last Sunday and Monday as well. We are all travelled out!

Dad, we could always consider shortening your stay, right? Would that drop the cost enough? We'll see what happens!

For now, Camila's baptism is on hold. We weren't able to see her at all this week because of all the travel. We have a goal for her to get baptized on April 7th, along with Margarita.

Mom, I have actually been thinking a lot that and am very excited to do Family Home Evenings when I get home.

I will let the pictures talk this week.

I love everyone!

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