Friday, January 14, 2011

Hey, I spent most of my time uploading pictures and writing President, so this will be more short than usual.

First I will give answers to mom’s questions.

No, I have not fixed my shoes, nor my glasses. I still have the money for the shoes (20 dollars, right?). I just haven’t gotten around to it, and I have learned to live with the hole. When it rains, I just suck it up. And now that I am using a bike, I don’t have to step in puddles or walk through mud anymore. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want the new ones!

Yes, I got the package from Becky. I haven’t gotten the Christmas one from you guys yet, though I expect to get it on Wednesday.

Asunci髇 and her family have gone A.W.O.L. haha. We haven’t been able to talk to them in a while. They are doing well in the lessons, but they haven’t gone to church at all, so we are trying to re-establish contact with them.

I still hear from Sister Montes, and I also get mail from Sister Lee occasionally. It’s actually quite often that I get mail from the both of them.

I will tell you the story about Hernan next week. (I thought I already had, but obviously not.)

I will write a better, longer one next week. The truth is, this week, we had meetings, dentist appointments, and my companion got sick for two days, so we didn’t really do much. Almost all of our investigators are “missing” right now. I read a lot in the Bible. I love it, but like mom said, I miss the Book of Mormon when I am off in the other books. I know they are good, but the Book of Mormon has something special.

I love you all and I am so grateful for your love, support, and prayers.

Until next time...

Above 3... I got a package from Aunt Becky and her family (Thank you so much!) with this stocking. It had these awesome superhero taffys, some cool suckers with bibles on them (I didn’t get a picture of those), and a PEZ dispenser with a bunch of pez. So, just for Sheybe and Summer, I played with my food and made the PEZ logo.... out of PEZ! haha
So, it gets way hot sometimes at night, and we do whatever we can to beat the heat. Elder Mortensen soaks his towel, then puts it in the freezer. Then right before we go to bed, he takes it out and puts it over him to cool him down. But when he unfolds it or drops it when it’s frozen, it breaks and tears a little bit. So one time we opened it up and we say this creepy little face! Yikes! haha.

This is a classic Argentine “Superpancho” that I bought this morning. They always come with little tiny french fries, and then they have ketchup, mustard, mayo, and like 5 other sauces to put on there. This one just has the classic mustard and ketchup. “Pancho” means “frank” (like a ballpark frank). Thus, Grandpa Stobbe’s nickname, Pancho. (At least I think that’s were it comes from)

Above is Elder Mortensen in our pench, or has he calls it, the Tin Can. I am standing up against the back wall, and the right wall is right on the edge of the picture. The bathroom is to my left as I am taking the picture. It’s really the only part of our whole pench you can’t see in this picture. That, and the tiny little “kitchen area”. For reference, I sleep on the top bunk, and I study at the side of the desk closest to me as I'm taking the picture.

The next 3 pictures...

Today we had a zone activity where we had a bunch of little games, and we gained points going along. We had to grab apples with our mouth from the ground and run back and forth, collecting them. Then we had an egg toss, moving back further every time you catch it. Then we had a 3 legged race. Then we had a watermelon eating contest (without using your hands). Then we played soccer, district against district. Everything was done in companionship and you got points based on if you were first, second, or third place. The other places didn't get anything. These pictures are of the Watermelon Eating Contest Winners, me and Elder Mortensen! The first two where we have both just finished, and then with our game winning pieces! (I'm actually not sure those are the actual pieces we ate off of, but it works for the picture.) We actually couldn't finish all the watermelon with our mouths because of the way it was cut, so we had to each use our head on one side of the peice to break it in half, then we finished it. Elder Mortensen almost threw up after, becuase he was laying down, pressing on his stomach. But we won! It was actually a way fun activity. After, we did a white elephant (the activity was supposed to have been on Christmas) and you got to choose first or last based on the points from the games. I ended up winning some Gold Bond. Yay!

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