Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hey, we have two p-days in a row, so I will be writing again on Monday. But I wanted to share some pictures from Christmas and New Years, Baptisms, and a few random other things.
On New Years Eve we took our mattresses up on the roof to watch all the fireworks. For me, it was cooler than the Stadium of Fire, because it was over an hour of non-stop fireworks. And the big kinds too, that explode way up in the air. It sounded like a war-zone, or what I imagine a war-zone would sound like.

Lucas Baptism - This is the guy who got baptized right before I left Planos. He is 15
Lomo Saltado - This is actually Peruvian food, but it’s popular and AMAZING. I will make you all some when I get home. (above and below)

Gabriel with her son, mom, and two friends that introduced her to the Church.

Gabriela Baptism- She is a lady that got baptized on New Years Eve. She has had a hard life, and the Gospel has helped her so much!
Elder Mortensen and Elder Stobbe
Chapel in Los Hornos - Self Explanatory
Book of Mormon Trilogy - Elder Mortensen and I were thinking one day about what book in the Book of Mormon would make the best Hollywood-style movie. We both chose Mosiah. So we named the movie Kings of God, Kings of Men which has to do with King Benjamin and Mosiah(s) who were righteous Kings, and King Noah, who obviously was not. Then we decided to make it a trilogy, with Alma up until the 3 days of darkness being The Reign of the Judges and Christ coming until Moroni hiding the plates is O Ye Fair Ones. It actually ends with Moroni closing the hole, and one little scene from inside the box where Joseph Smith takes of the top, and all you see is his face. And then it ends. So then I used some Graphic Design skills and made these logos. I know it sounds like a waste of time, but it was fun! And we really didn’t waste too much time thinking about it.

--We don’t have the full time today, but I will write a good one on Monday!

I love you!

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