Saturday, November 12, 2011

Latest update

I would like to send a belated happy birthday to Stacia! I feel like I am

missing everyone's birthdays here! I love you, Stacia!

Thanks for the updates. No basketball huh? Perfect timing I might say. I'm

not missing anything. I also hope everyone loses money. I say we pay

everyone 1 million a year, and that's it. That would be perfect, right....?

I will take some pictures of the city. There is not any place called Bolivar

near us, that is just our street name.

I wrote on Thursday because p-day was changed last week. I guess I forgot to mention that in the email. You can expect a letter every Monday from now on though.

About my studies. I think you are absolutely right about the websites. The

fact is, the "art" is only a small part of what I want to learn. The degree

is called Graphic Design, and if I remember correctly emphasizes pretty

heavily in website design. I think there is something you can download that

outlines all the classes necessary for the degree. When I think about what I

want to do for a living, it is almost website design. When I have my own

company, it will most likely be a web design company that offers other

graphic design and print services. I also want to get involved in

designing for mobile devices, both websites and apps. specifically for the

iPhone, but I have heard the there is quite a market in apps for Android as

well. Being in the offices I learned a little bit of the structure and uses

of databases, and I want to be able to incorporate that as well. I want to

be able to create "programs" online. So that's what I'm thinking as far as

what I want to do.

Yes, you can send me audio files and I can listen to them just as easily as


The missionary work is... going. We haven't really been able to find many

new people to teach, and people keep not showing up to church. I am in a

little branch that maybe has 35 people in church each Sunday. We are trying to make it grow. The city I live in is one of those where everyone knows or is related to everyone else. They are all very nice, but aren't really interested in religion or going to church when they could be sleeping in, watching futbol, or drinking their mate. (not mate like friend, but like

mah-teh, it's this little drink made out of a special type of plant that

looks and taste like grass, and hot water. And EVERYONE drinks it. It's like the national past-time drinking this stuff.) So we are doing our best to

help those investigators that we do have, and are praying for those who are waiting to hear our message.

My companion is from Mexico, and is pretty cool. He is way into music, and sports. So pretty much the same as most teenagers. He turned 19 just a few weeks ago. Apparently in Mexico you can go on your mission at 18. I have noticed something different with him than with my other companions. It is not that he is immature in bad way, but he is young. He is about the same age as Matt Freeze, to give perspective. He is strong in the Spirit, and is a great missionary. I am very glad to be working with him. His name is Carlos Lopez. How's that for a mexican? haha. I can't imagine how many people there must be in the world named Carlos Lopez. In fact, the ward mission leader in my last ward was named Carlos Lopez!

Well, times up again. I spent some time writing to the twins for their


I love you all.

Elder Scoty Stobbe

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