Saturday, November 12, 2011

Two weeks in Chascomus

Well, it has already been two weeks since I came to Chascomus. Time is


Mom, Dad, and Gene, thank you for your advice and love. I will be taking it

all into account in the coming weeks and months. As for bribing, I already

did that one on a suggestion from one of the Sisters in my district. We had

a goal to each challenge two people to be baptized during the week and to

take out a baptismal date. She circumspectly mentioned that a previous

District Leader had offered ice cream as a prize. I told them I would buy

them a Kilo of ice cream if they hit the goal. I focused on the real purpose

of the goal, and they understood that the ice cream was just an added push

to do what they knew was right anyway. It helped, in the end, and they

challenged 4 people between the two companionships.

I have attached a few pictures. The first is of Elder Lopez, and Sister Rios

playing ping pong after District Meeting. The next is a picture of the buses

we take down to Dolores to have District Meeting. It takes about and hour

and fifteen minutes. They are really comfortable. The next is of a family in

our branch. The dad is the first counselor. They are great! The one of the

little girl is of their daughter, Maitena. She is already my little friend.

The other day when we were at her house, she told me "Mañana te voy a

comprar un nuevo ojo para que no te quemes más." "Tomorrow I'm going to buy

you another eye so it's not burned anymore". I just about died. Little kids

are so kind and think of the nicest things to say. The other picture is of

the little Halloween toys I got. I had already eaten all the candy! oops!

I love being here in Chascomus. The members are great, the city is great

and the other missionaries in my district are great. I am enjoying the work,

even though we don't have very many investigators. The ones that we do have are strong

though, and almost all have baptismal dates.

The other day, we were with a part member family. Both of the parents are less active, and

their daughter Luzmila has not been baptized. She is 9. We were talking to her about being

baptized, and she said she wanted to.

Whenever anyone we talk to agrees to be baptized, I like to ask them why, so that they

have to think in that moment why they are going to get baptized.

She was a little shy, and didn't want to say it out loud, she whispered

first to my companion, and then to me "Por que creo en Dios" "Because I

believe in God". I realized that as a base, that is the only reason she

needs. The first principle of the Gospel is Faith. As long as she has faith,

she will understand the rest and really understand why she should be baptized.

I love you, and everyone!

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