Monday, April 9, 2012


This week was... tough and slow. We didn't have very many appointments set up after being out of our area for almost 5 days. Not to seem melodramatic, but it seemed like very little went well this week. People weren't home, people rejected us, investigators weren't keeping their commitments. Our three investigators with Baptismal dates are struggling especially with keepin the commitments. We need them to read! Please pray for that specifically in the prayers you are already offering.

We did have some good lessons with inactive members. A big part of our work here is with the Rescue Plan given to us by the first presidency. It is the plan where each organization (RS, Elders, High Priests), gives 5 names of inactive families (preferably part member) to visit and reactivate.

Mom, there was an activity for the Relief Society birthday, but we made it an all-inclusive birthday party for those who had their birthday in Jan/Feb/March. It was pretty much just some food and a big cake. And we played ping pong.

Dad, thanks for the sports updates. When do the NBA playoffs start?

I was very glad to hear about Shered. I can't wait to get home and hang out with him. I realized the other day that I have had 4 companions in a row that don't have any brothers. I don't know what I would have done with all those girls if Shered hadn't been around.

I am very excited for General Conference. It is coming at a perfect time to give me a boost! This time I will just be with my companion instead of a whole group of missionaries. (Well, he will be with the branch while I am off to the side listening to it in English) So I will have a lot less waffles to make!

Dad, I will have the final budget for you next Monday.

Martha, if you are reading this Happy Birthday! I was thinking about you the other day without remembering it was your birthday! Oops. I hope you are doing great!

Sorry this was short. I love you all. Have a great week, and enjoy General Conference!

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