Monday, September 27, 2010


(Sorry this letter is being posted so late, I was out of town)...

Hello Everyone!
I have been out of the MTC for the perfect amount of time. 7 is the perfect number, and I have been here 7 weeks of 7 days.
How is everyone doing? I´m doing great. I have received emails and letters from a bunch of people, including a package from Rob, so thank you all! Thank you, Marylin, for you letter. I miss you and David so much! Keep working hard (but not too hard haha)
Shalet, thanks for the birthday wish! I love you! It sounds like you are having a lot of fun in school. Keep that up, and don´t end up like me.
Sierra, thanks for the pictures. I didn´t have time for all of them, but the ones I saw were SOOO cute! Those kids never fail to get cuter every time you see them.
Speaking of which, Happy Birthday to Kyler and Ellie, my favorite Prina niece and nephew! Tell them I love them and sorry I forgot last week. I can´t beleive how old all the kids are getting!
Lets see if I can´t answer some questions, intermixed with commentary.
Dad, I have heard from Grandma and Grandpa Stobbe a couple times. To all my grandparents, I love you and thank you for everything!
Dad, I´m so excited you guys are moving on Halloween. We´ll say our little move to Summer´s didn´t count in the books, since we didn´t choose the date. Keep letting me know how the business is doing. I love hearing about that stuff. (Also, if you woudn´t mind throwing in a line or two about how the BYU games go, that would be great!) I would like it if you continued to send Matt and Rob´s letters through DearElder. I can read them at different times, and it makes it so I get mail every week! Thanks.
Mom, Manuel and Olga are nowhere near a couple. Haha. Manuel is a 28 year old single guy, and Olga is a 70+ year old widow. They are about to become united in the Faith, though. This week you can add these names: Carlitos, Mario, Ashelyn Tártalo, Jessica Contrera, and Carlos Ramos. Not all of the names I give you are necessarily investigators. Some are members who need prayers. For example, Ashelyn is an 8-year old girl who´s family are already members who is going to be baptized this Saturday with Manuel and Olga. And others are In-Active and Less-Active members who need help.
Speaking of Manuel, we had an awesome experience this week when we were giving him his ´´practice´´ baptismal interview. We were going through the questions, and he was able to bear is testimony on every one. He is so ready and willing to make this commitment and follow these commandments to change his life. We could feel the Spirit so strong, and every time we talk to him, he is so excited about the Church and his baptism. The one thing he asked us though, is if he would have to serve a mission. But he is past the age limit, so he was relieved on that one. Haha. If everyone could keep him in your prayers, as well as Olga, it would be greatly appreciated. Their ´´Servicio Bautismal´´ is going to be at 5:00 PM our time on Saturday, which I am pretty sure is 2:00 for you guys in Utah. Maybe you can remember them during this time!
Can you guys tell me how much you put on my card for birthday money? Then I won´t spend more than I have. Thanks. I will probably buy myself a nice pillow, since I am using a $15 Peso one right now (yes, less than $4.00 US.) And some Ferrero Rocher! I can´t afford those usually. I am going to get a 3-pack and savor them!
A few random things about Argentina. I hear the song ``Hey, Soul Sister`` by Train at least 2 or 3 times a day. The Argentines love it. (Those youth will know what I´m talking about, and Sheyene, but she´s and Adult now. haha) And it is in English. They listen to a lot of English music here. There is a radio station that only plays English.
Y ahora por aquellos quien pueden entender, un parte en Castellano. Estoy aprendiendo la idioma, y yo puedo hablar con muchas personas, pero hay otros quien habla muy rapido, y es mas dificil para mi entenderle. Pero, yo se que con El Espíritu, puedo cominucar con ellos, y ellos pueden entender la mensaje que tenemos. Es muy divertido aprender Castellano. Estoy feliz que tengo este oportunidad servir, hablando Castellano. Va ayudarme mucho en mi vida, la idioma, y los principios del evangelio que estoy aprendiendo tambien. A los Montes, ¡Hola! Estoy muy animado hablar consigo cuando vuelvo. Hay muchas familias acá que me recuerda de ustedes. Me encanta todo de Argentina, especialmente la gente, y los alfajores! jaja. Hasta luego...
Those parts may not make too much sense, because I don´t have very much time, and I´m still learning.
I love everyone. Thanks for everything you do and the lives you live. I know that as you continue following Christ in your lives that the Lord will ``pour out his blessings upon you, so that there will not be room enough to receive them``
Next time I write, I will be 20 years old! Not a teenager anymore. You´re going to be all alone in that realm, Shalet! haha
Take care, all!
--Elder Scot Daniel Stobbe Jr

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