Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Hello Everyone-

First off, answers.

Our monthly asignation of funds is sufficient for all of my needs. We receive our money on the card the 1st of the month, and take it all out of the ATM at the first, because ATMs are hard to find, and in my current area, nobody accepts cards.
I slept with my sleeping bag as an actual bag with the insert for the first few weeks, but now I just use it as a blanket.
As far as money on my card, if we could just keep a balance of about $20, that would be great. I will let you know if I use any. For example, I used about $10 or maybe a little less last week to buy a backpack, because I had no cash on me. (Sometimes my shoulder bag isn´t as convenient as a backpack). $20 is about $80 Pesos, so that should be sufficient.
Mom, if you are going to send a package for my birthday, I like your idea of pictures, letters, and notes from the nephews, and Ellie. haha Also, in order for me to use the Pouch Mail, I need American stamps. So, if you could send me a supply of those too, that would be awesome.
We had transfers today, but Elder Pepito and I are staying together. I´m glad, because I love him, and I love my area.

And now, a random list of information, greetings and other miscellaneous items.

I received a recipe for Elder Stobbe Ice Cream. First off, how cool is it that I have an ice cream flavor named after me? I feel so special! Gracias, Hermana Montes. Estoy muy agradecido. Secondly, can someone take that recipe and write it with me in mind. And by that I mean, think of what I would need to do to make it here. Because I really want some! Also, along those same lines, Mom, can you send me the Cookie Kid´s Cookie recipe? But maybe talk with Sister Montes and make sure I could actually make it here? Thanks.

Summer, your garden sounds so fun. Talk about being self-sufficient. I was talking to a member the other day about how you have grown your own pumpkins, and that time we made pumpkin pie with sweetened condensed milk. Yum!

Prices here are cheaper than the U.S. Sometimes. At other times they are a little more. For example, today after transfer meeting we went to Burger King (the whole mission goes. It´s a huge one with 2 levels.) Between me and my companion we got 3 Burgers, 2 Large Fries, 2 Large Drinks, and 2 big ice cream desserts for about $21 US dollars. So, whatever that means to those of you who are still in the states, there you go.

Sister Lee, they do have the special Spanish keyboards. They are a little different, but it´s easy to make the spanish accent marks and other things. Thanks for the codes! Now I will be set if I ever need to use them! I hope Brother Lee´s arm is doing ok, and Richard. I pray for them. Thanks for everything you do, I love you and your family!

So, I heard that the Summit ward was the victim of a boating accident. I hope everyone is ok, and for those who owned the boats, I´m very sorry. Sometimes bad things happen.

Mom, here are some more names for you: Leonel y Eduardo Serventi, Marcos, Elsa Castillo, y la Familia Ibarro. Our current baptismal dates are Manuel and Olga on the 25th, and Alejandro in mid-October. I don´t remember the date exactly, maybe 16.

Elder Pepito is from St. George. He was baptized in 2006. He met the missionarys one day when they came to his apartment looking for his friend. His friend wasn´t there, so the missionaries asked if he would like to hear their message. He said yes, and the rest is history.

You may have noticed this letter was dated. If everyone could do that for me as well, that would be great!

Summer, do you have that paper you wrote on during my Setting Apart? If so, could you send it to me somehow? Thanks

Ok, sisters, you know how we all like baby food? (Everyone will think we are weird now) Well, there is this brand of juice here that tastes exactly like the kind that comes in the little jars. It is fruity, I´m not sure of the flavor, but the juice is AMAZING. It´s called Baggio Multifrutal. I thought you guys would all like it.

On another food note, I have been making toast in a frying pan, becuase we don´t have a toaster, and it is way good. I put butter in first, then fry normal bread slices, then add raspberry jam. Its almost like a dessert!

Thanks for the pictures, Dad. If you send them like that, that is perfect. I can look at them just fine.

This next week is Ward Conference, and we have a little choir and we´re going to sing ´´Abide with Me´´ but not "Abide with me tis eventide". It´s the other shorter one. We had to learn the bass part, and we practice after church. I´m really excited to sing it! Summer, I don´t know if I´m going to hear that new primary song. I haven´t heard any thing about a Primary Program, and we only have like 10 primary kids, so I´m not sure what´s going to happen.

I have letters written for a few people, and I´m writing more. Expect letters in the next few weeks. Or month.

We are struggling to find new people to teach right now, but we are going strong with those we do have. Hopefully we will be able to find more soon. I love when we get to teach people. It makes all the walking and clapping worth it. My feet hurt the first few weeks, but now I´m good. I can walk all day, and I get tired, but it´s not painful. It´s just tired. (Aaaah, it´s really tired in here.)

By the way, Dad, I have asked a few questions in my emails, that I haven´t gotten responses to. I know I do the same thing, but if you could look through the emails, and answer all the questions, and just send me an email with all the answers, that would be great.

And now, the ever-present ending to missionary emails: I´m out of time, again.

I love everyone so much, and am so grateful for all the support and love I get.

I will try to share more Spiritual stuff next week. This was more of a ´´worldly´´ email. Just know that I have spiritual experiences each day, and I am strengthened each day by my study of the scriptures and the Doctrine of Christ. I know this Church is true and that I need to be here at this time and in this place to share this message.


-Elder Stobbe

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