Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Hello, Everybody Who Reads This
OK, so since life in the MTC doesn't change too much, I will try and pick out some interesting/new things to write about.
I have seen Brian Winmill quite a few times since being here. He left for Cebu on Monday. I got to see him and say goodbye on Sunday night, so that was cool. I see Colton (I think his last name is Ashby) a few times a week. He is Chris and James' friend. If they read this, they'll know who I'm talking about. He is going to Brazil, and is on my same floor for classes. I have also seen Xander Hulme a few times. And I saw a Sister (Sister Brown? maybe) who used to work at the Plasma Center. She is going to serve in Honolulu, Hawaii with Matt.
This week all of the new mission presidents are coming to the MTC. They switch out 1/3 of them once a year. So there will be over 100 mission presidents and their wives here. Mine is one of them, so hopefully I will get a chance to meet him while he's here.
I will send my recorder home with some recordings on it soon. I'm not exactly sure what to record, other than me speaking some Spanish, so any suggestions would be helpful.
We have been continuing to learn Spanish and the Gospel. We did the T.R.C. again yesterday, teaching the 2nd Lesson. It went really well. I sort of blanked on the Spanish part, but the Lesson went really well.
Speaking of Spanish, I had an experience I want to share with you all: On Friday, I was working on memorizing Section 4 of the Doctrine and Covenants in Spanish. Normally I can memorize pretty well, even in Spanish, but one verse was giving me a lot of trouble. I worked on it for almost an hour on Friday night, and again Saturday morning. I had said a prayer Friday night, and was thinking about it in the morning. I was studying from a little notebook, and my Spanish Scriptures. As I was still struggling along, I had a thought come into my mind. "Translate It." So I opened my English scriptures to Section 4 and read verse 2, which was the problem verse. I had learned most of the vocabulary for this verse, and when I read it in English, I knew it almost instantly in Spanish. I could read along and translate as I was going, and after that, I had it down. In the 7th Article of Faith, it says "We believe in the gift of tongues....interpretation of tongues, and so forth." And I know that as a Missionary, I have been promised the gift of tongues. This was a great experience for me to realize that I do have that right, and that as long as I am faithful, and I can rely on that.
I love the feeling of the MTC, there truly is no place like it on earth. Where over 2,000 people are working 7 days a week for such an important, common goal, and have the guidance if the Spirit constantly.
I love everyone, and I will be writing some letters today. The Temple is closed, so we have 3 hours of extra free time today. I wish we could be going to the Temple, but at least I will have time to write people.
Thanks for all the packages, notes, letters, and treats!
Elder Scot Daniel Stobbe Jr
Argentina Buenos Aires South Mission

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