Monday, November 1, 2010

From last Monday...

Hello Everyone!
Happy Birthday Stacia! Sorry I kind of forgot last week! I hope you had a wonderful time. That rootbeer cauldron looked awesome! We hadn´t done that for a long time!
Dad, what did you mean ´´That seems ideal to have your first transfer be your companion´´? That seemed a little confusing.
We had a fun experience this Saturday with the baptism of Maria Luisa. Like we should, we went to the church early to fill the font. Everything was going well until there was about a foot of water in the font. At this point, the water quit working! We tried all sorts of things, but we couldn´t fix it. Bishop Pintos came and tried to help us, but his key didn´t work in the maintenence door. So, finally he had to go buy a hose, and hook it up to a spigot out by the street so we could fill it. And we heated up a huge pan (about 10 gallons) of water on the stove, so that it wouldn´t be too cold. The baptism was supposed to start at 6:30, but ended up being at 7:30. But we had it, and everything went good after that. Maria was confirmed in Sacrament Meeting yesterday, and is now a Member! We went to her house after and had homemade pizzas, which were delicious. Except for the one with anchovies. That was gross.
Elder Atwood is very different from Elder Pepito. He is more laid back and relaxed. You´ll notice in the picture he looks unhappy, or tired, or something, but that´s just what he looks like.
---Ok, while I have been writing this the power has gone out 3 times, and the internet quit working for about 15 minutes. So I keep losing track of what I want to write. Anyway...
I am glad to hear everyone is doing well.
I will write more and include pictures of the area next time.
I love you all!
Elder Scot Daniel Stobbe Jr
Argentina Buenos Aires South Mission

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