Monday, November 1, 2010

Hola from Argentina!

Hey everyone! Happy Halloween! To answer your question, Mom, they kind of celebrate Halloween here. There were a few kids on Saturday and Sunday out with costumes. I dressed up as a missionary for halloween! My costume was so good that I fooled everyone in our ward! It sounds like you guys had a blast with all your activites ´´Hay rides, Haunted Cruises, lots of ghosts, bats, witches, graveyards and spiders to eat! 3 trunk-or-treats, 3 chili cook-offs and Shalet was in a wax museum´´ What exactly does that mean that Shalet was ´´in´´ a wax museum. It sounds fun, whatever it is.

I haven´t fixed my shoe yet because some members told me that the place we have in our area doesn´t do a very good job, and it will probably just break in a few weeks. Especially with our walking. So I am looking for a better one. They told me there are some in Quilmes, which is the ´´big city´´ close to us, so I´ll have to look there the next time we go.

Thanks for the shirt ´´fix´´, too.

That party with the Knapps sounded fun. Tell them hi for me.

As far as what is happening with Manuel, our recent convert... heartbreak and struggle. He hasn´t been to church since he got confirmed. His member friend that had us teach him in her house moved out of the ward about the same time as his baptism, so he lost that connection. Then he started getting more work, which is difficult to turn down. All in all, Satan is working against him. We have an appointment with him tomorrow. Hopefully we can see what´s going on and how we can help him. Prayers on his behalf would be greatly appreciated.

Alejandro, the brother of my favorite family in our ward (los Arocha), no se encuentra nunca. That is to say, he is never around. He is busy with his work, (police) and just got married too. We are trying to teach him again, though.

Here is a list of names for you. Some of them you already have, I think. Ana Maria di Rosa, Hector Ilardo, Marta Alvarez, Emanuel and Elizabeth, Eliana and Ezequiel, Carlos and Margarita, Juan Juarez, Leo and Celina, José Retamoso, Mario, Vanessa Lopez, Mario, Eduardo la Sarte, Ricardo Coki, Maria del Lourdes Nassiff, Maria Lujan, Eduardo Serventi, Clotilde, Beto, Lucia and Victor, and Jessica Pros.

They all have struggles. Some we haven´t taught in a while. But these are all the people we are currently working with.

Sorry for the lack of pictures. Next time I´ll do better. This is our ´´pension´´. Ours is the one with the door open.

That´s too bad about the Lehr´s house. I imagine that the house you eventually find will be where you are supposed to be. God works in mysterious ways.

DEREK- Welcome Home. Or however you say that when I am all the way down here. I heard you are already back and with a job and everything. Good for you. Thanks for the example you set for me as a missionary. I love you, and I´ll see you when I get back, and we can swap missionary stories.

We have been a little lacking in the lessons area. We only taught a few this last week. It seems like Heavenly Father blessed us with 3 baptisms, and now it´s time to be tested. We are staying positive, and we know that things will get better, so for right now, we are just going to keep working, regardless of how many times we show up to lessons and nobody is there. We find ways to keep happy during the day. I refuse to show that I´m tired at door contacts, and even though no one wants to listen, the people are fun to talk to. The men always say, Hola Muchachos, que hacen? For some reason, I like that. Almost no one is mean, so it´s easier to keep our spirits up.

I have been learning a lot from the scriptures. I read the story of Joseph of Egypt, and of Moses (up until the 40 years in the wilderness). It is cool to re-read these bible stories, and like Mom does, look for the application in missionary work.

Hopefully we will be getting the Conference Ensign this week. I am excited to get to hear those talks again.

Today, we are going to La Plata. We are going to eat at SubWay. As far as I know, there are only two in Buenos Aires. One in Capital, where we can´t go, and one in La Plata. So we are going there, and then to the Salvation Army so my companion can buy some socks or something. After, I think we might go play some Volleyball, también.

Well, that´s all for now. I have to get off now, but I will talk to you all next time.

Also, I would love some pictures of the kids at Halloween!

Love, Elder Scot Daniel Stobbe Jr a.k.a. Scoty (haha Rob)

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